Thursday, November 7, 2013

October Recent Eats and Updates

I finished another exam block last week and had time to update. This week has been killer too, but I figured that if I didn't write this up now, it'd probably never get posted so here goes. On one hand, I'm sad that I don't have time to update and post pics as often as I'd like (dinner is always a rush, so I rarely have time to take pics as I cook). But on the other hand, the posts are a tad more exciting since I have more news to share :)

Decorated my room, Chicago on the west and NY on the east! I followed these instructions that I found via Pinterest and luckily I wasn't let down. I shared this pic on Fb and got 60+ likes O_O

New leather jacket, likey? I've always wanted one, and ugh I love it so much that I don't want to take it off.

I met a rando with the exact same hat as me for Halloween, so I harassed him for a pic. I was grumpy cat btw, and my sign says, "I went to a Halloween party once... It was awful."

Transitioning to food pics now...

Ribfest postluck -- a couple of my friends each made ribs and then feasted/voted. My ribs won >:D

Catered food at school events can be quite fancy. Exhibit A: deviled eggs, skewered chicken with snap peas, pinwheel wraps, and cantaloupe. Yum.

Pre-exam brunch with the roomie: slow roasted pork and egg sandwich, and nutella pancake balls. And they tasted even more amazing than they sound, imagine that. Katalina's Cafe Corner is my new favorite brunch spot, no contest. 

I don't even know what these desserts are called because the place was too fancy, but I went here twice in less than three days :/ I feel crazy lucky for living near such a deliciously bougie bakery with the most amazing pastries. Pistacia Vera has my heart. 

And lastly, some scones that I made recently from a recipe on David Lebovitz's website. They're white chocolate and sour cherry, and while he didn't develop the recipe himself, he gets props for having good taste. My roomie said these are good enough to be sold at Pistachia Vera ;P

Cheers til next time!

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