Tuesday, May 3, 2016

March/April Recent Eats

Hi everyone! Once again I've been MIA -- school has been crazy busy. The food at work has been catered for the past two months, so I've been saving money by not buying lunch... only not really since I've used it as an excuse to eat out more (such guilt). I'm now finally done with third year, and I'm currently studying for a board exam, but it's a couple of weeks away so I figured I'd post some recent eats during my study break.

Happy hour at Kona Grill. They have a really great deal with all sushi and appetizers for 1/2 off until 7PM, and it's located at a really nice mall so it's always a fun occasion for a Friday night date. And their passionfruit creme brulee, man oh man.

Fried ice cream at El Vaquero. Okay so posting about eating at this place akin to posting about Bob Evans or Denny's, but I absolutely have to rave about their amazing fried ice cream. This thing is freaking like $4 and it's enormous and filling. And you can get some cheap beer for $2, plus the free chips/salsa that they serve you. It's not the healthiest meal, but when you feel like eating dirty, this is how to do it.

Miso ramen at Fukuryu. The ramen here itself is pretty stellar, even though we had to get something else other than what we wanted. They had no Tonkatsu...and I was talking to some friends who ate here previously, and they were also out of Tonkatsu (so do they ever even make Tonkatsu??). Also, their green tea soft serve ice cream was pretty sad. They have a lot to work out, but they are new in town and I'm willing to give them another try when I have a craving. 

Pork belly cassoulet at The Crest. Khoi and I ate here for brunch after exams, and it was quite tasty. I would've taken a photo of his food too (he ordered the sweet potato hash) but our two dishes were plated the same so I figured one pic is enough. I've heard stellar things about their lunch special and their shrimp and grits, so I think it's definitely worth a revisit. 

Sushi night at home again after a trip to Tensuke Market. This time we even bought an uni boat huehuehue.

Spaghetti with fried eggs recipe by Mark Bittman. Okay so this is likely the saddest photo of DIY food that I've posted on this blog in its four-year history BUT it's surprisingly tasty yet fast. All the more to prove that Mark Bittman is a genius. 

And a couple of tiny life updates...

I voted for the first time as an American citizen!!!

We're finally done with MS3!!!

I'm probably not going to post again at least until I'm done with my tests at the end of this month. I'm going to be in LA for part of my boards, and then heading on a road trip to NAPA(!!!) so hopefully I'll have more tasty food pics to share then.

And last but not lease...the craziest cocktail of 2016