Thursday, June 26, 2014

June Updates/ Recent Eats

I'm doing this June one a bit early because although the month hasn't ended yet, I'm currently doing a meat-and-veg only stint. I figured that there won't be many other appetizing photos to add for the rest of the month, ergo this post.

Chorizo hash - so good. I followed this Serious Eats article for the best potato hash ever, and the key tricks are: 1) parcook potatoes in vinegar water and then fry for a long time, and 2) spray eggs with oil before baking so that they don't dry out. The difference is in the details, and the effect is very noticeable.

Vietnamese lemongrass wings. Khoi made some at one point and they were amazing, so I tried following the same recipe here. They look fine but didn't taste nearly as good :(

Korean spicy BBQ pork belly. It's so good, crazy fatty but so gooood.

Steak! A friend is doing keto and had a bunch of us over for steak >:D The cauliflower mash with bacon on top was the best part, I'm gonna make a whole bowl of it soon and eat it all.

More Pistacia Vera -- strawberry pistachio dacquoise and matcha yuzu macaron! I look for any excuse to stop by here...

Tea sandwiches, fruit salad, and broccoli cheese soup from Biddy's Coach House. A friend suggested it because her grandma used to take her out to tea here, so a group of us stopped by. We were the youngest people there by at least 30 years but it was super cute ^^

Lamb burger and smoked portabella poutine at Till Dynamic Fare. This burger was voted best in the city, and I definitely concur. 

Tilapia patacon at El Arepazo Latin Grill. I've been meaning to come here for the longest time but have been unable to make it out due to the hours (11am - 3pm on most days...weird). It was totally worth it to finally come here for food. This dish is a ripe whole fried plantain, covered with a big filet of tilapia and dressed with fresh veggies and cheese, and paired with their incredible cilantro sauce.

Rhubarb strawberry cocktail, with edamame hummus and caprese salad (among numerous other tapas) at Sidebar 122. They have one of the best happy hours in the city.

Veal cheeks ravioli at La Tavola. I wish I had a better picture, since this one doesn't do it justice. I also wish the dish came with more than only eight ravioli :(

Spicy miso ramen at Wasabi in Chicago. This was among the best that I've had -- much better than Slurping Turtle and quite comparable to Takashi when they still served ramen. I visited Chicago recently and have a few pending posts regarding the food there, so stay tuned.

Meet Frogger. I had to end the post with a cat pic, yes. 


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    1. He wouldn't let me, likes you too much ;(

    2. How did you like La Tavola? As I recall Nate's serving of torteloni in brodo was quite small too (though amazing); I guess filled pasta are pretty demanding to make.

    3. It was great! I got the frutti di mare which was a huge portion and khoi got these ravioli actually, ended up splitting half and half since it was so disproportionate haha