Friday, September 4, 2015

Summer Trip DC: Food Summary

I'm back :D But also back to school :( We finished the OBGYN/surgery block at school and then Khoi and I spent last week in DC to visit friends and family, and so that I could show him around a bit. We were there for the best weather week of the year -- it was so incredibly beautiful there and I'm already missing the place. Here's some notable food from that week.

Frolicking at the WWII memorial

Scarlet Oak

Reunited and it feels so good uh uh uh. One of my old friends has been working at a new restaurant that just opened near Navy Yard, so I stopped by to grab lunch where she worked and catch up a bit.

Angus burger with blue cheese and harissa aioli. Khoi was in the mood for a burger so a burger he got, and I snuck a bite and it was pretty good hehe.

Lamb ragu penne. If it says lamb ragu on the menu somewhere, I will order it because its my favorite pasta sauce. I think this dish could be improved is if they used pappardelle instead of penne.

909 New Jersey Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 780-0140

Georgetown Cupcake

This place is crazy famous so I was weary to stop by since I was afraid of the line, but there was none (lucky us). Their seasonal raspberry peach cupcake was amazing and likely of the best cupcakes I've tasted, and the chocolate ganache cupcake was solid.

3301 M St NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 333-8448

Mount Vernon Inn Restaurant

The restaurant at George Washington's Mount Vernon is the best tourist trap because the food is actually amazing, the vibe is so fun, and the waiters are all dressed up in colonial gear.

Colonial hoecake - corn cake with country ham, sauteed crab, and hollandaise. Think a colonial rendition of crab cake. 

Bacon-wrapped meatloaf. So bad but so good...

Shrimp and grits, featuring George Washington's Gristmill grits! As in Georgie's estate has a mill that makes grits, and they use them for this lovely dish. I wanted to buy a bag of grits as a souvenir but the shop was closed when I tried, but at least I got to experience this.

Cherry pie, since good ol' Georgie didn't chop down the tree huehue

Churning whiskey as a workout after an amazing, filling lunch

3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Hwy
Mt Vernon, VA 22121
(703) 780-0011

Le Diplomate

This restaurant has been on my list of places to visit for the longest time, from back when I lived in DC two years ago. They had just opened then and was crazy busy constantly (within a few months they had 1000+ Yelp reviews!), so I never got to stop by and we decided that we had to dine here before leaving DC this time around

Escargots with parsley, garlic butter, puff pastry, and champignon ('shrooms!). This was my first time trying escargots and these tasted...surprising is the only way I can describe it.

Pea soup with crab and creme fraiche. Now this soup was amazingly creamy and so bright and summery. I greatly enjoyed this.

Roasted duck breast with polenta, swiss chard, and cherry jus. So classic, so delicious, so perfectly cooked. This was the best dish of the night.

Bouillabaisse, it was tasty but I regretted my decision to get this because I order it quite frequently and I could've tried something else more special on the menu. But still tasty.

Strawberry charlotte with almond crumble and creme fraiche sorbet. This was amazing, I've never had a charlotte before and I would definitely order it all the time if it was on menus more often.

Very pleased after a great dinner

1601 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 332-3333

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