Monday, September 19, 2016

Summer Food Series Part 2: Napa and San Francisco

Continuation from the last post...

After we took our exam in LA, we took a road trip up to Norcal for an extended weekend trip. I ate at way too many places, to the point that I don't remember the names of some of those restaurants, but here are some highlights. 

Bone-in rib-eye and Trifecta Freeze iced coffee at Harris Ranch. During our drive up to Norcal, we stopped at this place which is the biggest beef producer and largest ranch in California. They have a steakhouse on the ranch, and we stopped by for a steak. Between me, Khoi, and his sister, we split a 24oz ribeye and could barely finish the thing but it was fantastic.


Wine tasting at V. Sattui Winery. The day after our drive up, we went up to Napa since I had never been before. Napa is such a pretty place, and good food and good drinks makes everything a gazillion times better than it already is.

I shared some of Khoi's wine flight, but I really liked drinking the grape juice (and the sweet wines that tasted like juice).

Dinner at Ad Hoc. We wanted to pick somewhere special to celebrate on our trip, and Ad Hoc had been on our bucket list for the longest time (we've even tried to DIY their fried chicken at one point). We made reservations almost a month ahead of time and dining here was probably the most excited I've been in awhile. Unfortunately I dug into the food too quickly without recording the menu, so I have no idea what the food we ate was actually called...

Dranks ^^

An insanely decadent salad with the most fantastic croutons I've had in my life.

Short rib with bone god this was insane.

Creamed corn, 'twas so darn rich.

They had an add-on family style fish dish. I don't know what kind of fish this is or how they prepared it, but it was fab.

Beer biscuits and chez o.O almost everyone who knows me IRL knows that I greatly dislike cheese, so this was an odd and slightly disappointing post-dinner course...

...but the peaches 'n cream dessert course was worth in. My god it was so worth it.

San Francisco

Brunch at Lord George. After our Napa explorations, it was time for some brunch n' drinks and some city culture. We chose to dine at Lord George, since it has good reviews online and was close to the SFMOMA. The food there was delicious standard brunch fare, but what was truly fantastic was sitting under this enormous ridiculous painting of who I presume to be Lord George.

Art at SFMOMA. This popular modern art museum had recently reopened after a long period of renovations, so we booked advanced tickets to check it out. Unfortunately Khoi was too full to appreciate the modern art, hence puzzled expression above. 

Snacks on the LinkedIn building balcony. One of our friends who works there sneaked us up, huehue.

I still have about three more posts in this series to wrap up my summer food and travels, so stay tuned!!