Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Summer Food Series Part 3: NYC

Continuation from the last post...

I get it's already October, so let's wrap up my summer series asap so that we can get on to some fall and winter stuff. I took a trip to NYC near the end of summer and here's some of my food, drinks, and festivities.

Brunch at Gastroteca in Queens. During our stay in NYC, we found an affordable boutique hotel only two metro stops away from the city, and it was only a quick walk away from this delicious place. I opted for the scampi and grits because how can you possibly say no to this beautiful dish.

Also, their sign cracks me up lol. 

Lunch at Juliana's Pizza. So this is the fourth time I've visited NYC, but only the first time I've had New York style pizza in the city. There's an infamous pizza place named Grimaldi's located right under the Brooklyn Bridge and their line went out the door and down the street. Juliana's is next to Grimaldi's but the line isn't quite so extensive, and also it's a little known secret that Juliana's is actually the original Grimaldi's, only rebranded.

I thought their pizza was naice and worth the wait...but personally I much prefer Chicago-style. 

Dessert consisting of egg cream and a cannoli, mmmmm. 

Dinner at Ippudo NYC. This is probably the most famous ramen restaurant in the entire city, and somehow we managed to get seated about an hour after we put our names down.

We split their kobe beef special, which looks amazing here but sadly was a tad overcooked and not as tender as I had hoped. 

Their ramen however did not disappoint. Possibly the best ramen I've ever had. Also possible the root of my constant ramen craving, which I haven't been able to satisfy even though I've been back in Columbus for months. 

And just sharing some of my favorite photos from the trip...


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! You hit my hometown... My poor stomach's GRRRRROWWWWLING here in Springfield!! Thanks for some great ideas for places to try next time I'm back there...!! :-)

    1. Hey Val, thanks for visiting and you've definitely gotta try the ramen place next time you're in NYC!

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