Thursday, May 8, 2014

Soondubu Chigae

This is one of the items that I miss the most about living in Los Angeles, and one of the things that I can't find easily in Columbus. I think there's maybe only one Korean restaurant in the city here that serves it, and when I went and ordered it, it was only okay but not great (not BCD great anyways).

This was the recipe we used (another one by Maangchi, yes). I didn't have my DSLR with me so I didn't take step-by-step, but she does a great job explaining how she does it in her post. I've tried making soondubu before using a different recipe, and while Maangchi's wasn't the best I've ever had, it's one of the better recipes out there and it just hits the spot.

The spread: soondubu chigae (tofu soup), pajeon (pancakes), potato salad, lemonade, and rice. Yums.

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