Thursday, May 1, 2014

Glen Helen/ John Bryan/ Clifton Gorge Hiking Trip + April Recent Eats

I haven't updated in awhile since I've been studying lots up until our midterm last week. They've been going easy on us since after the test, meaning I don't have to study all weekend, and I even went on a 12-mile hike this past Sunday in Yellow Springs, OH. We took a loop through Glen Helen/ John Bryan/ Clifton Gorge and back, and it was gorgeous.

Our group :) The Horace Mann statue's head was unfortunately cut off...

 I'm super pleased

 Climbing up tall rocks -- you can't tell from the shot but we're all at least 15ft above ground.

 I met my dream dog during our hike. She's a mutt but somehow turned out looking like a mini-husky.

 Outdoors yo

And just a few things I've been eating recently -- I haven't been doing step-by-steps since they're tedious to put together, but I try to at least take pics of the final products.

Cinco de Chili chocolate cupcakes -- I adore spicy chocolate, and this is only the beginning of my Cinco de Mayo food plans :) More on this later...

 Khoi's Boiling Crab dupe -- so insanely buttery, so insanely good

Korean spicy bbq pork, also by Khoi. He made this before a study sesh and it made everything more bearable.

Completely random and unrelated to everything, but what a cool ass lawn decor dude. Until next time...


  1. Isn't John Bryan/Glen Helen/Clifton Gorge FUN?!? You were right in my neck of the woods... Try anything interesting in YS? I'd recommend Sunrise Café in YS and Seasons Bistro in Spfld. ENJOY...!!

    1. It was great and YS was so cute! We didn't have much time to explore, but I did stop by for brunch at Winds Cafe :)

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