Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chinese Takeout at Home

I grew up eating Chinese food at home every day. Yet I've barely learned any recipes from my parents, aside from simple stuff like fried rice or tomatoes with egg. My mom just throws a bunch of stuff together and it comes out tasting great, but while she advises that I do the same, it's just not quite there when I do it. Because of this, I've had to learn on my own from blogs. Here's yesterday's dinner:

The spread - I love having time in the summer to cook big meals

Shanghainese lion's head meatballs - not too shabby but I wouldn't add this to my repertoire

West lake soup - this is one of my favorite soups and the recipe is surprisingly close to the real deal, win

Stir-fried green beans in Old Dry Grandma sauce

Khoi's tamarind shrimp - okay not Chinese, more of a Malaysian dish? Great combo of sweet, sour, and savory :)

Bonus from earlier this week - dry-fried chicken, using zucchini and mushrooms instead of celery

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