Monday, July 14, 2014

M at Miranova

I'm a big fan of Cameron Mitchell restaurants (Marcella's and The Pearl in particular), and M is essentially Cameron Mitchell's flagship restaurant. I enjoy fancy things, and M is one of the fanciest restaurants in the city, so I've been looking forward to giving this place a try for the longest time. I finally had the opportunity to dine here for a special occasion and was not disappointed. The decor is so cool --  the tall ceiling and sheer drapes made it feel as if I had stepped into a swanky restaurant in Vegas. I wish I had taken pics of the restaurant but I didn't, so here's food pics instead to appease you.

Black Orchid - my drank. Belvedere Black Raspberry, St. Germain Elderflower, white cranberry, fresh lemon juice. This is one of the coolest cocktails that I've had recently. The cocktail has an ice sphere sitting in the center, with an orchid frozen into the ice, and the drink tasted like lychee which is one of my favorite flavors. Wonderful.

Sourdough bread with butter and Hawaiian sea salt. Such a big bread dude they gave us... really good but I ate much more carbs than I should've >.<

Three Cones appetizer with lobster salad, roe, and caviar. This was decent, although it was really strange how the cones were sweet like waffle cones. It didn't pair too well with the other savory components of the dish.

Salmon gravlax accompanying the Three Cones app. This is essentially sashimi salmon and scrambled egg. The cones weren't completely filled with lobster salad (it was only a scoop on top), so I put some of this stuff into the empty cone to eat when the lobster salad was done. I wish they just gave us more lobster salad instead of this guy... 

Khoi's veal mignon - veal tenderloin, braised veal cheek, asiago crepe, shiitake mushroom sauce. So good! The veal cheeks especially was amazingly tender. This dish was very well executed.

My sea scallops with spring vegetables, corn fritter, and popcorn. I would say this was the most unique dish of the night (when not considering presentation, since Three Cones wins in this category). The menu said this dish would have popcorn in it, and I was confused and somewhat expected the popcorn to be a metaphor for something. Turns out, it was actually popcorn and it went surprisingly well with the other components of the dish.

Mac and cheese with Tillamook cheddar and black truffles. So darn cheesy. I can never make it this creamy myself at home for some reason. I have some truffle salt around the house though so maybe I'll attempt to recreate this sometime (and dress it up with crab meat/ breadcrumbs/ other magical things).

Coffee and donuts - espresso semifreddo, warm banana beignets, chocolate and strawberry dip. This was not as unique as the earlier courses but it was solid. Beignets were piping fresh, and espresso ice cream is always welcome to enter my mouth at any time.

I think where M shines is in their main courses -- I loved the veal dish, and I woke up wanting scallops for breakfast the next morning. The other dishes were a tad weaker but all around there were no duds. I was so stuffed after the meal that Khoi had to roll me out of the restaurant and into Bicentennial Park next door where there was live music going on. Great day :)

2 Miranova Pl
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 629-0000

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