Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Subscription Boxes!

If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may have noticed that recently I've been posting less about what I make and more about new restaurants that I'm trying. I feel a tad guilty about this, but part of the reason is that I've had less time to cook now that I'm in 3rd year of my program and it's rather stressful. And when I do cook, I now enjoy simpler dishes and often don't put effort into making my food look as good as I did before...but hopefully I'll start having more time soon.

During Step 1 studying season, I pretty much ate only cafeteria food (since I studied on campus from morning to night), with the occasional restaurant date with Khoi. And the only food I would cook would be from subscription boxes, since I pretty much stopped grocery shopping altogether. I collected pictures from some of the dishes I experienced and overall, I would definitely utilize these services again and again whenever I anticipate a rough week.

Least favorite - Plated. My beef with this one is that everything tasted too...healthy. And I like healthy, but I don't want to compromise taste because I want to love what I eat. This one just didn't do it for me.

Miso ginger pollock - pollock is a type of fish

Pork with beets - I learned that beets is my least favorite vegetable

Ricotta corn empanadas - needed more flavor

Middle Ground -- HelloFresh. I thought this service was alright, as a lot of the dishes were hit or miss. I saved the recipes for the dishes that I liked.

Brioche shrimp rolls - this was top notch

Smokey adobo chicken tacos - also good, I liked how fresh everything was

Poached cod in chorizo fennel broth - this tasted awful and took forever to make, which defeats the whole purpose of subscription boxes :(

Favorite - Home ChefThis is a Chicago-based company and people there understand good food. I loved each dish. 

Blue cheese crusted sirloin steak - beautiful and flavorful

Shrimp and grits - simple and tasty

Cajun blackened chicken - my least favorite of the three but 'twas fine

I haven't ordered a subscription box in awhile, but when I do again in the future, it'll be Home Chef or another company I have yet to try (Blue Apron and PeachDish are at the top of my list :D)

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