Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October Recent Eats/Updates

Last weekend, I took a trip to Long Beach, CA for a vacation conference. It definitely was a much needed break from school life. Here's some photos from my trip, as well as a few other eats from earlier this month. 

Long Beach -- there's no such thing as fall in SoCal.

My poster/ my baby! It was a best poster finalist, so I got a spiffy blue ribbon and all :D

Ran into Ted on the Long Beach boardwalk, such a cool dude

My dad joined me on this trip, and took me out to sushi at Octopus. The food in LA is so tasty and affordable (if you know where to look), and they even had tempura green tea ice cream (!) for dessert.

We also went to eat lobster with my sister at Newport Seafood Restaurant, one of my favorite places in Socal

I made it back just in time for Halloween festivities ^^

Khoi took me to El Arepazo to celebrate me being back in town. Their food is amazing, and the tres leches cake especially is to die for. 

We also got ramen at Menya (the best ramen place in Columbus) on the morning after Halloween. Warm soups the morning after a late night out is one of the most amazing things ever.

And a couple photos from earlier this month...

A group of my friends hosted a sushi night at home,  after we bought a bunch of ingredients from Tensuke (they have some amazing sushi-grade fish). Presenting here -- the Sunshine Roll. It tastes as ridiculous as it looks.

Date night with Khoi at Vino Vino. Their pasta menu is wonderful and they have some of the best mussels that I've ever had, but what truly drew this place over the top is their creme brulee flight for dessert. Then again, I'm a creme brulee fiend and would eat it multiple times each day if possible.

I've been eating out a lot and spending quite a bit of money recently. With the holidays coming up, I'm planning to have a No Spend November and avoid eating out at nice places and buying clothes for myself (until after-Thanksgiving sales at least), in order to offset those holiday costs. Wish me luck...

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