Monday, October 1, 2012

Lost Society

I need to remember to take storefront photos when I go somewhere new. And to bring my real camera so that I don't keep relying on my phone. But as of now, I'm relying on Instagram yet again :(

My roommate Irene and I moved into our new apartment a few weeks ago, and after craigslisting and a grueling Ikea trip, we are finally all settled in. To celebrate, we went to downtown DC for dinner along with along friend. The food was by far the best that I've eaten in my time here. 

Bone marrow with fig and sea salt on bread - comparable to Purple Pig, although this dish is very difficult to mess up

Kale salad with pine nuts, pineapple, and smoked gouda - the dried pineapple pieces went SO well with the savory components of the salad

Crispy skin salmon - a tad bland, but perfectly cooked

Stuffed lobster with blue crab - sooo tasty! We were so sad when this was gone.

Mac n Cheese - four cheese, twice baked, topped with bread crumbs. This was by far the best mac n cheese of my life.

Lemon rosemary creme brulee - great but could be more lemony

Nutella smore - I didn't really taste the nutella. Also, it's filled with ice cream so it doesn't remind me of a smore at all.

Look at the wallpaper, check out her sass. The facial recognition feature went cray.

Roomies! We're very happy with our food.

The three of us checked out the outdoor deck, and then went to a bar down the street to chill. Only it was too early out and the guys were creepy, so we called it an early night. I don't understand the dynamics of social interactions outside of a college environment just yet.

2001 14th St NW
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 618-8868

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