Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Columbus Restaurant Week 2014: The Refectory

The Refectory is likely the closest you'll get to a Michelin restaurant in Columbus. Yelp gives it four dolla signs ($$$$) so it's not generally affordable, but during Restaurant Week it isn't as bad so I had the opportunity to dine here, thanks to someone very sweet. Lucky me ^^

What a cool bar. I'd love to come out here to get drinks on a regular basis...but it's not exactly practical nor cost-effective.

Alpaca terrine with pistachio, black olives, cranberries, and pumpkin vinaigrette. Supposedly you can't find this dish anywhere else in Ohio or even in this country. I read somewhere that alpaca supposedly tastes like ostrich which tastes like a gamier version of buffalo? Dunno and couldn't tell, but it was surprisingly delicious. I felt a tad guilty for enjoying this because alpacas are so darn cute.

Lobster bisque veloute with blue crab meat. Really well made with hearty chunks of meat, although it was a touch saltier than what I would've preferred. Khoi is pointing at the lionheads on the side of the bowl, because they are awesome.

Roasted spiced duck magret with Minnesota wild rice, duck bacon, and cassis bordelaise. This was a really great dish, with the duck cooked perfectly -- just the right tenderness, and not too fatty. Yum.

Roasted rack of lamb. The menu didn't describe how it was prepped, but it was plated similarly to the duck. Also great -- in fact I might've liked this better, but they're really neck to neck.

Vanilla creme brulee with citrus sable cookie. Creme brulees all taste fairly similar to me, but this is definitely on par with some of the better ones that I've previously tried.

Chocolate bombe with Godiva white chocolate center, Szechuan chocolate truffle, and raspberry coulis. The truffles were pretty interesting so I'm going to try and make them sometime soon. Can't figure out if the e in bombe is silent...

I had such a great food weekend so I'll be feeling sad over the next few days to be eating plain ol' weekday food that I cook for myself... first world problem, I know. I'd love to return to try their lighter/cheaper bistro menu too, but Restaurant Week is definitely the best way to sample highlights off of the regular menu. The Refectory is one of the more expensive R-week options ($35 pp for three courses + alcohol/tax/tip) but it's a steal compared to how much it would cost to dine here any other time of year.

1092 Bethel Rd.
Columbus, OH 43220
(614) 451-9774

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