Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break Chicago: Summary

Just got back from spring break, refreshed and ready to tackle school again (somewhat). A group of us spent the last week in Chicago and it was more of a foodie trip than anything else. We traveled via Megabus and crashed in an apartment that we found via Airbnb, and I definitely spent more money on food/drinks than all the other trip expenses combined. Overall, it was a lovely time and I got to show friends around one of my favorite cities.

Peking duck feast at Sun Wah BBQ on our first night

We got to do some touristy things

Museum shenanigans at The Art Institute

I managed to get out of a few touristy things >:D Some of them wanted to go up SkyDeck but others didn' are the party poopers, myself included.

Got to meet up with some of my favorite people! Bff reunion with Cathy at Three Dots and a Dash

Another favorite person -- reunion lunch with Will at Quartino

Had some amazing sweets during the trip :) Namely the white chocolate and pretzel pancakes at The Bongo Room, they were too crazy...

Bread pudding at Sweet Mandy B's, also quite tasty

Panino al Gelato Limone at Quartino...basically lemon gelato sandwiches

The sweets display at Eataly, holy moley

Obligatory photo in front of Eataly's nutella bar :) I didn't get anything from here though since the other sweets options were too crazy and I didn't wanna binge on everything.

Pequod's...I was a tad disappointed about this since I had heard that it's the best Chicago pizza. It was still good, but I liked Lou Malnati's more.

Sashimi bibimbap at En Hakkore, I'd like to meet the person who envisioned such brilliance...

What a beautiful city :) If only it had been a tad warmer...would've made our trip even better.

Those were only a handful of the places that we ate at. I have a couple of pending posts at restaurants that were highlights of the trip, there were some eats that weren't notable, and I had fun at some amazing lounges that were too dark for quality photos :( But stay tuned...

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