Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Apple Picking and Other Recent Updates

This post is going to be a mash of a couple of different things. A couple weeks ago, I visited Lynd's Fruit Farm and it was a blast. I've been there before, but the weather was cruddy and not especially conducive to enjoyable activities. This time it was much better, but unfortunately everyone else thought so too since the line to park was about a mile long.

I'm so proud of this jump shot #sobasic

Our posse

I guess they found an especially delicious looking apple...

We took home an overflowing bag of apples, and I considered hauling home a giant honking pumpkin too but finally decided against it :( sho shad

I baked up some apple roses, and they were actually much prettier than I had anticipated but not as tasty as they look unfortunately :( And I decorated a teeny pumpkin that I bought home with this kit, fox dood looks like hungry...

And I also baked up this apple pie streusal cake, which tasted much better. Now I'm all fall'd out.

I made soondubu again as promised, with sliced beef and shrimp. And some ddukbokki which I didn't bother making from scratch -- the prepackaged sauce and some rice cakes from your local supermarket is more than enough.

And finally a bit of restaurant food...

Khoi and I had happy hour at The Rossi on Labor Day since it was one of the few restaurants that we were sure was open that day. And man was the food fantastic. Their ceviche (top) is one of the most beautiful dishes I've seen in a long time, and tasted amazing to boot. This was also one of my first experiences with poutine and it got me thinking that I need to hit up Canada more often.

And lastly, brunch last weekend! Tasi, I finally visited you! I've wanted to try their food since my first year in Columbus but always chickened out because I feared the line...and it wasn't too awful. Their options are simple and are probably dishes I could make at home...but mine wouldn't be as good. And their huevos rancheros have my heart

Until next time :)

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