Saturday, February 20, 2016

Winter Weekend Trip Chicago: Summary

I finished my family medicine rotation few weeks back, and man oh man did it have the most awesome schedule ever (9 to 5 schedule with occasional half days thrown in). And at the end of my rotation, my attending went on a trip for a conference, so I had 4 whole days off to myself during which I managed to fit in a weekend trip to Chicago. Here are some highlights:

The most unique view of downtown Chicago. My friend brought us to The Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, and we hung out at their rooftop bar overlooking Millennium Park. It just so happened to be the prettiest warm winter day, lucky us. 

We also visited Maggie Daley Park, which was recently constructed. Apparently it gets super crowded on warm days, but it was chilly for us and nowhere nearly as crowded as it would've been, so we were able to play around without being embarrassed to be the oldest people on the swing sets. 

At night, one of the restaurants we tried was Fat Rice and it was quite amazing. It's has a Michelin Bib Gourmand and it's also the most popular Asian restaurant on Foursquare, and they served the most delicious shrimp I've ever had in my life. They are chili-stuffed prawns, swimming in a broth of fermented black bean and butter. Next time, I definitely want to come back and would just order this as my main because I could never get tired of this dish. 

Just down the street from Fat Rice is a relatively new tiki bar called Lost Lake, opened by the same people as Three Dots and a Dash but now in a more hipster part of town. All of the drinks were delicious, but the banana daiquiri was phenomenal (and even came with a banana dolphin!)

For lunch on a separate day, we headed to Lawrence Fish Market for some takeout. This place is super popular but extremely cheap, mainly because it is takeout only and cash only. People can call in orders, and it usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour before pickup.  Among 4 people, we spent $100 on 8 rolls, 6 sashimi, 4 tofu thingys, and 8 uni, and it was all fantastic. 

On my last night, we went to the Hearts and Hounds Valentine's Ball, organized by Greyhounds Only, which is a nonprofit greyhound rescue and adoption agency through which my friend adopted her adorable greyhound named Simba. We basically ate yummy food and played with some dashing greyhounds all night before I headed back to Cbus. 

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