Saturday, December 8, 2012

I found my favorite yogurt

When I grocery shop, random items that aren't on my shopping list rarely catch my eye. I'm one of those people who reads food blogs and reviews all the time, so if I haven't heard of something, I'm unlikely to purchase it. However, I was at Whole Foods after a doctors appointment and I wanted some breakfast when I saw this container of Noosa Yoghurt nestled with the wall of other yogurts. The lid immediately caught my eye, and when I saw they had strawberry rhubarb (seriously, what can be more amazing than strawberry rhubarb??) as one of their flavors, I immediately had to get it.

And it blew my mind. The yogurt is so decadent and yummy, and the strawberry rhubarb jam was spot: fruity and not artificial. It's expensive (more than $2 per container) but each thing holds two servings that are about 130 cal each, which isn't bad. I ate the whole thing since it's the perfect size for a small breakfast. Mmmm, I'm definitely picking up another one the next time I'm at Whole Foods again.

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