Monday, December 24, 2012

Sugar Cookie Decorating

One of my friends gifted me with a batch of delicious Christmas wreath sugar cookies on my birthday, and they were so delicious that I just had to have the recipe. I've been dying to make them for the past week, but resisted until I got home so that I could do it with my sister.

Unfortunately, the nearby Whole Foods didn't have circle cookie cutters that we were looking for. All they had were some awkward tiny ones and these heart-shaped ones, so we decided on these. I guess we're celebrating Valentine's Day a tad early. 

The frosting was just powdered sugar with some chai tea, soymilk, and orange juice, mixed together until it's thick and glossy.

My sister was in charge of applying the frosting.

Meanwhile, I melted some white chocolate chips in the microwave (adding a touch of canola oil helps it melt smoothly) and piped it on for additional decorations.

They still look rather festive, even if they're not Christmas themed. 

Recipes: Dough is Ideal Sugar Cookies + zest of one orange + subbed strongly brewed black tea for brandy/milk
Frosting is powdered sugar, black tea, orange juice, and soy milk
Decorating icing is white chocolate chips (melted) + canola oil
Would I make this again? Definitely, although not for awhile since we made so many that I'm going to be sick of these for quite some time

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