Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reliably delicious chocolate chip cookies

I'm obsessed with finding the best. I'm the type of person who experiments with three different recipes for the same thing side-by-side, just so I can compare the results. But I've tried a ton of recipes for chocolate chip cookies and concluded that there is no such thing as "best". They're mostly similar, and other factors such as quality of ingredients and oven calibration can make one batch vary greatly from the next even for the same recipe. 

So I'm not looking for a best in this case. I'm looking for a simple, reliable recipe that doesn't require a lot of weird steps or miscellaneous ingredients (I'm looking at you Jacques Torres for your cookies that call for two types of flour). And I think I found the perfect ones. The cookies pictured here are by Dorie Greenspan and they're quite fantastic. I made half a batch of the dough minus walnuts, then split the dough into three separate bowls with add-ins to replace the walnuts (from left: nutella, pretzels, and almond flour). All of them came out great, except the nutella ones came out a tad flatter than I had hoped. And hence I dub these to be the best reliably delicious chocolate chip cookies.

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