Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tasting DC

I'm finally starting to warm up to the DC food scene. I remember when I first moved into the city that I was disappointed after almost every meal, but then something changed. Maybe I started going to better places or my perception merely shifted, but many of my recent eats have been pretty darn impressive. Here are my notable eats from January:

RedRocks Sausage Pizza at RedRocks Neapolitan Bistro. This wasn't my dish (I hated what I ordered actually) but my friend was kind enough to share a slice of his pizza and god it was good. It's RedRock's most popular pizza and among the best pizzas that I've ever had. 

Chocolate Onyx at Co Co. Sala. We went here for Irene's birthday. The menu is small plates and while the app/entree plates are mediocre, the drinks and desserts are fantastic. We split this dish among four people and we were all sad since we each had just enough to try each component, but barely could get more than a couple of bites.

Crab Cakes at Newton's Table. I typically hate fried crab cakes (the greasiness ruins the crab for me) but these are delightful. The crumb was light, crisp, and not greasy at all, plus there were generous chunks of crab, not your usual lump crab mush. I do hate the plating though. Stare at the picture for a minute if you don't get what I'm talking about...

Short Rib Hash at Blue Duck Tavern. They have small portions but this brunch meal was surprisingly filling, and the short rib was so very flavorful.

Happy Hour tapas at Jaleo. $4 each plate, what a fantastic deal.

Nabeyaki Udon at Tako Grill. The texture and broth of this dish were perfect, and that's rare and respectable.

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