Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A belated Chinese New Year, Part 3

We celebrated Chinese New Years day by...eating unlimited tapas at La Tasca, since it coincided with DC's Restaurant Week 2013. They had an enormous menu for only $20pp and our group of five ordered multiples of each dish, so we were practically rolling about after our meal. Photo credits to my friend Ming, and I also apologize that this post is two months late...

First round of sangria: white peach

Empanadas, stuffed with beef and cheese. So good, we got another one of this.

Angus beef with mushrooms and potatoes

Mussels sauteed in marinara

Eggplant fries with cheese dip, very tasty. 

Tomato salad

Chickpea and spinach stew

Garlic chicken

Huevos idea what this was

Second round of sangria: mango blackberry, with a brandy & triple sec booster shot. We approve.

Garlic shrimp

Grilled lamb skewer, meh.

Salmon with fried mussels and spinach

Sauteed wild mushrooms in garlic...except they don't look very wild to me

Bread with tomato spread, blargh I didn't touch this one though.

Grilled veggies - squash, zucchini, asparagus, and mushrooms

Veggie paella, yummy.

Pepper stuffed with shrimp, spinach, and mushroom...this was so good that our group ordered 10 of this. I'm not exaggerating, we each wanted two for ourselves.

Brussels sprouts

Chicken and ham croquettes
Spinach salad with pear, dates, and walnuts

Cheese bread

This is only a small portion of the plates they cleared from our table.

Chinese New Year festival outside after our meal. We may be smiley on the outside, but we're really wincing from pain in our stomachs. 

And I went grocery shopping afterwards :) The most relevant part of our day. Afterwards, I went home and fell asleep, and didn't eat another bite until dinner the next day. I'm still torn whether that meal was worth it or too much...

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Washington, DC 20001
(202) 347-9190

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