Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Updates from a new city

1) I moved! Hello Columbus, Ohio :)

My new room. Not as nice as my DC apartment, but it'll do. I need to decorate.

Living room

The kitchen. I love that it's spacious and it has so many cupboards, but it's definitely made for a tall person...

2) I started med school!

I'm not a doctor yet but I get to play one in school.

3) I made new friends

Orientation week was initially intimidating, but turns out I'm not that uncool. People like hanging out with me after all...

And to make this post food blog related somehow...

When my dad came to help me move in, we went to this awesome Chinese supermarket called CAM International Market (it rivals any market in LA/SF/Chicago) where I picked up a bunch of yummy Asian ingredients. I made a huge batch of stir fried rice cakes right before I got hurt, so I'm gonna be eating it for the next three days or so. It was like I could sense I would get injured and was prepping for it...

Mise en place. You'll need Chinese sausages, bok choi (peeled into individual leaves), chili oil, rice cakes (defrosted and soaked in water for two hours), soy sauce, water or chicken broth, green onions, and sesame seeds are optional. 

Dice up Chinese sausages (I used about 4 small links, but use however much you'd like). Cook until fat renders and it starts looking browned/crispy. Remove from heat and transfer to plate.

In the same pan, cook bok choi for about two minutes until it starts to wilt. Remove from heat and transfer to plate.

This is the chili oil that I use. It's called Lao Gan Ma and it's the stuff of gods. It also translates to "old dry mother"...yea.

Throw some of that chili oil into the pan, heat until it begins to bubble, then add in rice cakes and stir.

Pour in a few tablespoons of water or chicken broth, and also a few drops of soy sauce. Toss to stir and continue stir frying for a couple of minutes.

Add the Chinese sausage and bok choi back into the pan and toss together. 

Throw in green onions, turn off heat, and plate. Top with sesame seeds so that it looks cool, ta da!


  1. ENJOY COLUMBUS!! It's one of the best "little-big cities" I've lived in since moving here to Ohio (from NY!!). I'm now living over in Springfield (saw some of your Yelp reviews...) nd I sooooooo miss Columbus!!! Good luck with Med. School and keep cooking/baking!!! LOVE your blog!!! YUM!!!
    Val in Ohioooooo

    1. I like Columbus a lot so far :) I'm gonna be really busy these days but I'll hopefully be able to keep up with the blog. Thanks for visiting, Val!