Tuesday, December 24, 2013

OUAB Southern Comfort Cooking Class

One of the great things about going to an enormous school like OSU is that they have so many students to cater to, so everything is organized and they have lots of fun resources for students to take advantage of...even cooking classes. They offer themed cooking courses, in which they go over the steps and then split you up into teams to tackle a set of recipes, and then you can eat the food after you're done making it.

Look that that test kitchen...cray. I wish I had taken better pictures of each individual station, which was perfectly outfitted with all the tools you would need that day. They even wash and prep most of the ingredients for you, and clean up afterwards. I was in heaven.

Theme of the day was Southern Comfort. I was tricked into thinking we were making fried chicken, so I had to deal with the disappointment. Chicken pot pie turned out to be delicious.

The menu (clockwise): chicken pot pie, "kale" collard greens, cole slaw, and rice and beans. I was in charge of the kale and it turned out to be the only dish that we didn't have leftovers of!

 Dessert: chocolate pecan pie O_O So bad but so good...

 Some of our cooking group....no it wasn't just the three of us. That would be too much food.

One day, I will own a little version of this babe *sigh*

Recipes for the dishes that were my favorite that day...more for my reference than for yours really...


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