Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bobtail Ice Cream Company

I wanted to say goodbye to Ron and also use up the last of my Chicago Groupons, so we biked from my apartment up to Central and Wilmette for ice cream at Bobtail, hitting two birds with one stone. Win.

 Store front

The Groupon is for $10 worth of ice cream, so we had to be gluttonous. Here's Ron's creation: chocolate dipped double cone with raspberry white chocolate M&M and cookie dough ice cream, dipped again in chocolate. This picture doesn't quite capture how huge it is.

Ron is pleased

He's thinking about the first bite

It's dripping all over the place, hurry up Ron

"This is bigger than I realized" -Ron

Halfway there. I would be crying at this point, but Ron's taking it like a champ. 

Ron's mess

My double watermelon sorbet, mmmm. I'm a watermelon fiend - I literally carry one home from Whole Foods each week, polish it off within a few days, go into watermelon withdrawal, and repeat. At places that sell sorbet, I often try to get the watermelon flavor but it's usually gross and artificial. Not this. This is serious stuff. I felt all cleansed and fresh as a daisy after polishing it off, while Ron was stuffed, so we were both rather happy.

1114 Central
Wilmette, IL 60091
(847) 251-0174

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