Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Break DC: The Source

The Source is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in DC, and it's one of the more expensive restaurants to dine at in the city. But there's a secret for dining there on the cheap. On Saturday mornings, they serve a dim sum brunch special and it's only $42 for 8 small dim sum plates. The plates are enough to serve two people, so it's a delicious and filling meal for just $20-ish per person (before tax/tip). It's not significantly more expensive than your average dim sum restaurant in Chinatown but the quality of the food is noticeably more creative and delicious.

Pork belly pot stickers. They were tasty but not special. I wouldn't order more pot stickers if I visit again.

Chow fun with rock shrimp. I loved the shrimp, so good! The noodles were a touch salty.

Lobster egg rolls. This was my favorite dish, since the eggrolls were lightly fried and stuffed with so much lobster.

Shanghai noodles. This dish didn't stand out much -- I really like my dishes to have some type of interesting protein, and this was just noodles.

Wok fried shrimp dumplings. I liked these and wish the dumplings were bigger :(

Duck bao. Amazing! We got two orders of this because we each wanted two bao to ourselves (each serving comes with two bao). Bun was fluffy, duck was well cooked, sauce was good, and I liked the veggie garnish.

General Tso's wings. Wings were lightly fried and then rolled in a sweet and savory sauce. Very good, although we waited a long time for this course to arrive at our table. Maybe they ran out of chicken wings or something.

We went to hang out at the Newseum afterwards, which is my favorite museum in DC. If you bring your receipt from The Source, they give you 15% off regular admission prices of 20% off student prices (just show your receipt and ask for The Source discount).

575 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20565
(202) 637-6100

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