Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Elvis Cupcakes

Irene and I made these for her church small group and I was told that they were very well received. And it makes perfect sense, because the cake was so moist, the peanut butter cream cheese frosting was perfect, and who can resist chocolate filling? I know, me either.

I didn't post step by step instructions as per usual because I've made a bajillion cupcakes by now and I'm sure you can do this. So I'm just going to post the recipe that I followed at the end of this post, plus provide a couple tips so that you don't make the same mistakes that I did. Although it was delicious anyways, so I guess mistakes are acceptable. 

Making the chocolate ganache filling by sprinkling in instant coffee for depth.

To fill a cupcake with filling, cut a little circle in a cone shape from the top using a pairing knife. Lop off the tip of the cone and save the top cap. Fill the hole in the cupcake with filling, then replace cap to cover hole.

The peanut butter frosting was a tad thin and collapses :( I tried to carefully soften the butter in the microwave but it went too far.

Drizzling remaining chocolate filling on top for decorations. I love to take slice pictures :)

We had so much extra batter and frosting that it was enough for an extra cake! Thus, a quarter birthday cake for Vivi...

What I would do differently next time: halve the recipe so that I don't have so much extra, and be more careful about softening the butter so that the frosting has more body

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