Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break DC: Zaytinya

So I don't get a real spring break cause after all I'm a working woman. But David had some time off from school so he came to visit DC and it felt like a spring break for me :) On his second night here, we went out to eat at Zaytinya followed by a musical at Ford's theater. It was the first meal that we've had together in some time and the food definitely impressed me. 

Complimentary pita bread, puffed up like balloons. Interesting attention to detail is how you know you're at a Jose Andres restaurant in DC.

Crispy brussels afelia. I flippin love brussels sprouts. The sprouts don't look like the usual round ones you get at the grocery store though.

Lamb bahar and Aglaia Kremezi-style crab cakes. Both were delicious.

Urfa biftek. This was uninteresting and tasted just okay, so it was the least favorite of the meal.

Turkish delight. I really liked the walnut ice cream and how it paired with the honey gelee and tuile cracker. 

Greek yogurt and apricots. It's kinda like an apricot yogurt parfait.

701 9th St NW
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 638-0800

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