Sunday, September 16, 2012

California Road Trip: Mission Chinese Food

I'm a sucker for food trends. Hipster Asian fusion is a big thing right now, so when I read a rave review about this restaurant on Serious Eats, I made sure that it was included on our itinerary.

You may be confused as to why the storefront says Lung Shan even though the restaurant is called Mission Chinese Food. Mission is actually a pop up shop or something. They rented space from Lung Shan but they got really popular so they're more permanent now. You can order from either menu supposedly, although everyone in the restaurant was there for Mission. 

Asian decor obv. But there's also dubstep playing to mix it up. 

Sizzling cumin lamb, holy moley amazing. It was very well seasoned and tender. I would say that this is among my favorite lamb dishes ever, and I'm a huge fan so I've tried a bunch. David doesn't even like lamb and he approved.

I also ordered Westlake rice porridge as a shout out to my Chinese hometown. Good but they went a bit too heavy on the fish sauce.

After dinner, we engaged in some shenanigans around SF, starting at De Young.

View from the observation tower

A tree hanging from the ceiling. I must be in an art museum

She's nakey


Hm, nipples?

Maybe I should be a basketball player since I have mad hops. 

I'm really getting the hang of this jumping thing.

2234 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 863-2800

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