Sunday, September 16, 2012

California Road Trip: Dametra Cafe

One of our pit stops on our drive down from Norcal to Socal was to Carmel (how do you pronounce this? care-a-mel? car-mal? car-mel??). One of my favorite bloggers raved about Dametra Cafe, and David put it on our itinerary because it is #1 on Yelp in the nearby area, so we stopped here for lunch. 

The decor

Olive oil and balsamic for the bread, with a fancy bottle.

David's chicken schwarma sandwich was pretty yummy. 

My lamb shank, on the other hand, was nowhere nearly as good as the picture looks. In fact, it was pretty gross and the texture was slimy. 

I gave David the rest of my food since I was so disappointed :(

David is unimpressed.

We went to the Monterey Bay aquarium afterwards to look at fishies to cheer me up. 

SE corner of Ocean & Lincoln
Carmel by the Sea, CA 93921
(831) 622-7766

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