Monday, September 17, 2012

Yelp Fantasy Land

I dragged my coworker/only friend/new bff to a Yelp event, and we had a blast. Props to DC, you've thoroughly impressed me. My friend has a fancy camera and took a bunch of pictures (so I'm in a bunch of them).

They had a petting zoo with an alpaca. 

I love him but he is indifferent

What a cutie patootie

I'm excited about bacon. JK

I'm very pleased, but he is unimpressed

After I was done cuddling with all of the animals, we went to explore the rest of the venue. They had free brow threading, so I got it done as a small group of boys standing nearby conversed about how they didn't understand this strange grooming ritual.

I then proceeded to get a massage. Aw yea.

And a free cupcake!

And silent dancing. But moreso just me laughing and running away.

We then went to the photobooth. This is me trying on props, aren't I handsome?

I love 'em glasses

Photocred goes to Ming and his super fancy camera that impressed the professional Yelp photographers.

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